Friday, January 9, 2009

What did you just call me?

My 7 year old suddenly started calling Mom.

Not Mommy. Or even Momma. Just Mom.

It rolls off his tounge like its the only way he has ever addressed me, so why does it sound so foreign and wrong to my ears? He does not seem to see the big flashing neon warning sign that is signaling the passing of his youth at warp speed.

Why do we teach our children to call us by a name we know they are going to change?

I can still remember the first time my now 16 yr old son first called me mom. He was 5, and I was in the long line of cars to drop him off for Kindergarten. I remember the car I was driving even. I'm surprised I can't remember what we were wearing and what song was playing! I insisted he call me mommy and I think it worked for a few more years.

I also think that was the last battle I won with him!

I'm glad this isn't my last child. I can't imagine never being called mommy again! And since my baby is a girl, she'll call me mommy forever, right?


Melisa said...

Oh, I so totally know EXACTLY what you mean! I remember the same discussion with D as I tried to eek a few more days, wks, etc of Mommy or Momma. It didn't work...if it makes you feel better A still calls me Momma. :)

Recovering procrastinator said...

well, Grace already calls me Mom about half the time so at least yours all held out longer.

Lucrecia said...

Caleigh actually started calling me mom more and more the last few days. She thinks its funny. :-|

jessica said...

they still call you mommy when they want something even at 17 LOL At least my daughter does ;-)