Thursday, September 18, 2008

How did this happen?

I was never a co-sleeper with my babies. Not that I necessarily thought it was bad. Well honestly, my oldest was born pre-internet and I never even really considered co-sleeping and lacked the influence of internet friends to persuade me. I'm also a slightly light sleeper. Pretty sure if a fly farted it would wake me up. Do flies fart? I digress.

My oldest had the great pleasure of getting to stay home with his two fun loving and adoring younger siblings this summer! Being a normal teenager, said eldest had a tendency yo stay up too late and not be too over joyed with getting up at the crack of dawn. To ensure the lives of all involved we threw our bedtime routine out
the window for the summer

While this was great for the kids, and I really enjoyed the extra time
with them, it did make putting them to bed some nights a real
challenge. Especially if some genius put them down for a nap from 3-5.
Guess he wanted to watch Dr. Phil and Oprah in peace those days??

This led to my brilliant plan of taking the princess to bed with me
whenever I went up and letting her fall asleep in my bed. The husband
would take her to his bed whenever he finally came up. I have to say
I LOVED those moments. We'd sing songs and hug and laugh. And I
created a monster!! I knew better! I've spent 16 years trying to not
start habits I didn't want to have to later break. With school
starting it wasn't hard to get them in bed at 8 again. But it has been
hell trying to get them out of my bed!

Last night as I crawled into bed exhausted and beaten down from
another day she rolled over, she opened her beautiful blue eyes, and
smiled the sweetest sleepy smile. Then she snuggled up against me.
I've decided this is one habit I won't be fighting any time soon.

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