Sunday, September 7, 2008

Funnies from the four year old

his girl seriously makes us laugh all the time.  She doesn't even have to try, she is just so innocent she can't help it.  

Tonight, I sent the middle child up to take a shower and get ready for bed.  I was a bit irritated at him for picking on his sister and making her scream for the past hour so he must have thought I meant he had to go straight to bed.  At 6:30.  He was crying in the show
er loud enough for the neighbors to hear I'm sure.  I sent her up to tell him that he wasn't going to have to go to bed right now.  It went like this

knock knock knock - BANG BANG BANG

her: I don't have to go to bed right now
him: "silence"
her: ok, bye now

A few days ago I was getting her ready for a bath when she decided to dig for gold.  I asked her to go get a tissue instead of the more time saving method of eating it.  Instead of taking the two steps to  the toilet paper she wanders into my bedroom where a few seconds later I hear "Don't worry about it, I lost it"  Please Lord, don't let her have lost it on my pillow!

Can you look at this without smiling?? I just love when she makes her own fashion statements.


Blissful Nikki said...

ahhh yes, 4! I miss it sometimes! :) How cute is she BTW!

Katie said...

I love her