Sunday, January 11, 2009

We must be famous

The strangest thing happened on our way to work on Friday.

We were cruising along, minding our own business.

And of course by cruising along, during rush hour, I mean we were going about -3. On the highway.

I was enjoying the sunrise and getting in a little quiet reading. Well quiet might be a slight exaggeration as I'm still expected to carry on a conversation with husband. There is something about me pulling out a book, or picking up my Blackberry that triggers his tongue. We can be sitting quietly for 10 minutes, but if my hand touches either of those things he begins talking immediately. It's uncanny really.

But I digress.

As I'm reading I notice a bright light. I was pretty sure it was the Rapture.

We look over to find two teenage girls with both of the passenger side windows rolled down taking pictures of us.

We must be famous!

As they passed us they rolled up their windows and went on about their day. I am left wondering what the man driving their vehicle was thinking. Oddly, he didn't try to make eye contact with us. I guess he was not as impressed with our star power as the girls were! I wonder when we will see our picture on the Enquirer?


Kresta said...

Hehe! That's pretty funny! Maybe they're doing Project 365 and just wanted to take a photo of someone else stuck on the highway! :)

Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper) said...

What a funny story! I had a similar experience recently, only with people pointing and waving at us. Not a clue who they were.

Tracy said...

Well that's just weird...probably just teenage-itis! :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

This is odd. I wonder what they were up to

LuAnn said...

how odd that they would be taking your photos! I hear you about the hubby not talking until you pull something out and then it's non-stop talk!!! LOL