Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you have money that you don't know about?

My public service announcement for the month - go check out this site - NOW!

Between the 2 of us my husband and I have 3 items! They are legit, one is a pay check from many moons ago that my husband knew he hadn't received but never followed up on. One is a return of a utility deposit (or more likely the interest on the deposit since the amount is so small) where they had my name spelled wrong. The other is a refund from an apartment we lived in, we aren't sure why they owe us the money - but seriously, for over $100 I really don't care - just hand it over!

Go. Search. Then come back and tell me if you found any unknown riches!

1 comment:

Recovering procrastinator said...

nothing for me. Exciting for you guys!!

I loved the lake photos.