Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yearly checkups - birthday edition

Not the oh so fun girly doctor appointment! I'm not looking forward to the first time I have to take her to one of those!

Cal turns 4 on Saturday so we headed off to the doctor today to get her check up and shots out of the way. This not being my first rodeo - I made sure to enquire with the front desk person if coming in before her actual birthday would be a problem. Of course the hussy nice lady I spoke too assured me it would be fine. I go along my merry, naive, way thrilled that I can knock out the oldest's sports physical and the baby's check up all in one visit. AND before school starts! There may have been a back pat or two along the way.

The oldest is finally measuring taller than me. At 16 I guess its time, I'm actually hoping for his sake he will grow a few more inches this year. I don't remember them talking about his height / weight curve in oh - 12 years or so. And they also added a nice little BMI reading. Just what a fat momma wants to hear about. His BMI shows he is over weight. The boy with not an ounce of fat on him. The doc says thats what he calls "over muscled".

My baby girl is only 34 pounds and 37 1/2 inches tall. Poor thing will never be out of her car seat at this rate. She is 25% for height, 65% for weight and her BMI was pretty high. Seriously, isn't that a little young? I want her to have better eating habits than I, and I want her to have a positive self body image - I just didn't think it was time to talk about all that yet.

I was so proud of my shy little girl, she even asked the doctor if she was going to get shots. She crawled right up on the table next to her brother and took it all in. They checked her vision and hearing. I wish I could have videoed it. Instead of moving her hand during the vision test, if the hand was up or down she would just say up and down. She even tried to say "to the side" but the nurse made her show which side with her hand. She was so put out by the hearing test - I mean really, there are so many other things a princess can be doing rather than listening to a beep!

Are you wondering about the part where she gets the shots? Are you hoping to hear how brave she was? Yeah, keep on wondering. The hussy nice lady was wrong and she has to be over 4 but under 5 to get her shots. The doctor says the rules change so often, he doesn't want to risk some militant school nurse down the line may insist she has to have them again. Nice.

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Katie said...

Where on earth are these BMI #s from? and I can't even believe they have a "too high" number for a four year olds! WTH? WTG on being a big girl though! (sniff)