Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Head Colds

Geez - where do these things come from? We went out Sunday morning for our big monthly trip to Costco. We took the Cs to breakfast first, knowing its never a good idea to head to Costco on an empty stomach! It was a beautiful warm day. By the time we left the house a few hours later is was windy and cold!! Within 2 hours my head was congested and I've not been able to breath - much less sleep - since! There is a lot of talk lately about allergies to the Barometric Pressure - I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some truth in that!

On to other fun medical news. Jonathan finally got his CPAP machine. Along with it he got the interpretation of his results. He had a sleep apnea score of 94. They suggest treatment with any score over a 5!! The guy also told him that he was really concerned with how low his oxygen got at some points during the study. This silly little machine is costing us a small fortune, it better work wonders!

So tomorrow is a new month! How many of you change out your computer desktop monthly? Several digi-designers put out free desktops - and this month I found a super cute one by Heather Roselli I love that it has 3 picture spots instead of the normal 2 - and I really like that it has a big enough calendar that I can customize it.

On that note - this Sat. is National Scrapbook Day! Back when I paper scrapped, some friends and I would go to big city wide event put on by Creative Memories. I have already warned Jonathan that I plan to be firmly parked behind my laptop - shopping, and scrapping and chatting, and scrapping and picking up freebies, oh and a little scrapping!


Angela said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hate head colds when the weather changes! See ya at SSD on NSD!!

Becca said...

aww hope you feel better hon! Can't wait for NSD!!!! woot woot!

The recovering procrastinator said...

94?! WOW. I hope the machine works.

Maybe I should bring a thumb drive of photos and kits to work and bogart a computer with Photoshop on it. It gets mighty slow on Saturday nights.

Niecy said...

The May calendar is SO COOL and I love the pics you chose! I wish I knew how to digi scrapbook. Actually I wish I could scrapbook period! Anyway, LOVE YA!