Monday, April 25, 2011

A mess 6 years in the making

I've always considered myself pretty organized.  My mom used to say you could go in my room and not be able to find enough room on the floor to walk, but open up any drawer and it was nice and tidy.  Even as a young adult if I needed something in my home I knew right where to look, and it was always there.

I married a man that could not be more opposite and proceeded to have two of his offspring that inherited that gene from him. We were both in our 30s when we married and combined two complete households. Each of us wanted to keep most of what we had, for one sentimental or logical reason or another.  In the interest of peace keeping I tried to stop being so particular.  With 2 young children and a teenager plus two full time jobs and no organization in place, no plan and no schedule we were living by the seat of our pants. This began a downward spiral that has left me with a home that I feel is out of control.

I pulled the family together and had a heart to heart.  I can't do this alone and I know it won't happen over night but going to have to try and teach my children and husband how much more smoothly life is when you live more simply, how to plan ahead and live intentionally!

I've decided to blog about my progress.  To keep myself accountable, share my inspiration and tips and gain ideas from other bloggers!  I have so many ideas, my list is a mile long, but I hope the outcome is worth all the growing pains!

Have you had to completely retrain your family?  Any advice you want to share??

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Katie said...

You can do it! I think I want to retrain my family!