Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are a multi-cultural family

Don't be jealous, that's just how we roll!

Our evening commute involves 2 stops at 2 different child care locations to pick up our littlest loves. We pick up the baby first and she is then forced to endure the painful 10 minute ride home. You would think she would live for the few minutes of alone time with me, while my husband runs in to get our son. When else does she have my undivided attention where she can pepper me with questions at the speed of light?

This totally unstimulating experience has caused her to find her own form of torture entertainment. She has taken to making up songs of total gibberish. She is 4! She knows, and regularly uses, thousands of words a minute. I think she is singing to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle (or ABCs, however you want to look at it), but frankly I try to tune it out and just be happy she isn't whining about being hungry and thirsty and demanding we stop at Old MacDonalds just this once.

Yesterday, however, I was exhaused and just couldn't take the loud gibberish so I told her to cut it out. It went something like this:

Me: Sweet little princess, would you please stopping singing gibberish?
SLP: It's not gibberish!! Its SPANISH!! How silly of me!
Huz: Is that like Oui? she said Spanish, not french, get with it!
SLP: *exasperated sigh* NO! That is NOT spanish
Huz: Oh? What is it?
SLP: *eyeroll* Its a GAME!

Get it? Oui = we we = Wii? If you have kids, I'm sure you can imagine how well she took my sudden burst of laughter!

I'm so happy we are raising such diverse children!

Have your kids misunderstood something that had you rolling lately?


Colleen said...

Ok, I about DIED at the Spanish and the French and the Oui! LOLOL!!

Melisa said...

That is GREAT! I wish I had journaled (like I always said that I would) when the kids were little so I wouldnt have to rely on my already failing memory to share these kinds of funnies.

Scribbit said...

It sounds like life is wonderfully fun to me!

Niecy said...

LMAO! HILARIOUS!!! I can't remember, but Ayaan has me rolling all the time and then gets mad that I'm LAUGHING! "Mommy, I'm not funny!"

CindyLou said...

ROFL!! This sounds like something my daughter would be doing in the backseat of our van(at the top of her lungs).
Great blog entry!!