Sunday, August 3, 2008

Out and About - The Charming Lamb

I love Sunday mornings, the kids were up late and are sleeping in, all I hear is the pitter patter of my husband typing away at his latest blog entry. I love to spend these mornings browsing the Internet because I'm lazy always in the pursuit of broadening my knowledge. And hey, far be it from me not to share these new finds. Its the American way to enable, right?

I stumbled upon a fun mommy site this morning Grab a glass of diet coke water and take some time to click around their site - it is quite expansive.

Enough about them, I want you to check out The Charming Lamb. They make sterling silver jewelry. And not your mothers sterling either! This is fun and different and must have!

Our mom's birthdays are this month, I think this would be a great gift for them, personalized on the back with the kids names of course!

They have 3 pages of cute charms, at incredibly reasonable prices! I really like this one, I think I'll have to get it for our next Girls Christmas bash to add to our charm bracelets.

Go browse, purchase, and come back and tell me what you got!!


Haasiegirl said...

We love thier stuff too!!!


Kim said...

Okay that is just beautiful! I'm saving this site. My mom's birthday is in October and it would be great for her.

Sounds like you had a great Sunday.

Niecy said...

Love the sterling silver site. Aren't Sundays great!?

Charming Lamb said...

Hey, I recognize that's mine! LOL

I'm thrilled you like our treasures, it does a heart good to hear.