Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hybrid projects

I've been inspired to finish up new & post some old projects. I'm very very sad I've not taken pictures of all the projects I've done of the last couple of years !

Gift card holders - I made these at Christmas, for the older kids in the family

And this weekend Caleigh and I took this: Can you tell which side she helped design? :-)

This is made using the new Songbird Avenue kit - go check it out! NOW! I can wait......

how adorable are those little cardboard buttons?? I used double sided sticky stuff and tiny glass beads on a chipboard C - Caleigh LOVES that. I don't think it will stay attached for long.

A couple things I made my mom for mothers day - I did a new insert for her coffee cup she got for Christmas

And my favorite is this cute explosion box - credits here

And a coordinating coaster - I'd made coasters before using layouts on photo paper, but I used a transfer medium this time and I'm much happier with the sleek look

Speaking of transfer medium - I somehow got suckered into buying some canvas squares last week - this is the first one - SO many ideas for the rest - and I learned that you DON'T use a paper cutter on these to trim the excess - hince the little spot on the right (sorry this is a little blurry - poor light and I'm too anxious to show it off to wait for a daylight picture!)

One more picture and them I'm done .....for now.... I've started the transformation from manly Study to girly Craftroom - a few desk accessories - credits here

Now - go check out the album I made for Justin and the look at all the hybrid stuff popping up at SSD. Are you inspired?


Recovering procrastinator said...

You rock!!
I don't see the coaster though.

Jilian said...

oh my gosh, shut up. you are so creative! what is the canvas thing all about? is it for the wall? it looks big is it?

Niecy said...

AWESOME!!! LOVE the hybrid!!! Cute desk accessories for the girly craftroom too!!! Oh and I LOVE the explosion and the coaster!!! You are SO talented!!! OH and I LOVE the insert for the coffee cup. Too cute! You ARE the bomb!